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By Norris McDonald

Van Jones is a favorite whipping boy for Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly.  Van took on Rupert Murdock and lost.  Yet he still has the support of the George Soros cabal.  Why do the two FOX News stars constantly berate Jones as a communist Marxist ex con who represents everything evil?  Beck and O'Reilly also hang Jones around President Obama's neck in a futile attempt at sliming by asociation [see Rev Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers].  Jones will clearly be used by FOX News as a campaign commercial against President Obama.  Okay.  So where do I fit in this scenario?

I am perplexed by the fact that although FOX News calls itself  'Fair & Balanced,' they are clearly exercising a partisan agenda re Van Jones as a symbol of communism to slime President Obama.  Yet, as a conservative environmentalist, they never call on me to lend a 'conservative environmental perspective' to the climate change and environmental debates.  I guess since I don't hurt Obama, I'm not relevant.  That aint 'Fair & Balanced' though.  Jones would be booked on FOX News in a heartbeat.  I have been to the FOX News HQ on 6th Avenue requesting to be booked and can't get the time of day.  It just makes you go hmmmmmmm. Fair and Balanced?  I don't think so.  And that is ashamed, because serious issues are facing Amerca, particularly on the energy and environmental fronts.