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The Louisiana National Guard is deploying a prototype barge with oil suction capabilities. The Coast Guard approved plans for the National Guard to place oil suction equipment on a military float bridge or barges that can transport vacuum trucks into marsh areas for clean-up operations.

The National Guard is deploying the first prototypes of this vacuum barge around East Grand Terre, Queen Bess Island, Grand Isle and Elmer's Island to suction up the standing oil. The Coast Guard has approved the use of three more vacuum barges. One each will go to Plaquemines Parish and Port Fourchon. Read more:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wants the Coast Guard and BP to increase the use of vacuum pumps as another tool in the fight against the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Jindal believes the process is simple, yet effective and should be scaled up immediately across Louisiana's coast. (Miami Herald, 6/10/2010)