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Rafiq Munir, Senator Mikulski, Norris McDonald , Joe Henson, Gloria Lawlah
Representatives from the Greater Fort Foote Area Recreational, Cultural, and Historical Council, Inc. (GFF) met with U.S. Senator Barbara Milkulski (D-MD) today to discuss how the community group can provide maintenance services and other enhancements to Fort Foote Park. GFF is seeking a cooperative agreement or memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the National Park Service (NPS) in order to provide landscaping services, weed control, structures, Potomac River coastline amenities and other enhancements. GFF seeks to provide improvements at the park so that more residents of Prince George's County can enjoy this scenic area. Rodman Cannons at the site provide a historical context for the push to provide private maintainance assistance for this park.

Joe Henson, former Maryland State Senator Gloria Lawlah (Maryland Secretary of Aging), Rafiq Munir and Norris McDonald met with Senator Mikulski to share their plans for Fort Foote Park. Senator Mikulski was accompanied by staff members Valerie Twanmoh, Deputy State Director and Nichelle D. Schoultz, Special Assistant to the Senator. Joe Henson is GFF president and Lawlah, Munir and McDonald are members of the board of directors.