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BP's main partner at the Macondo well, Anadarko Petroleum, is declaring that information from investigations of the Gulf oil accident indicates that BP operated unsafely and failed to monitor and react to several critical warning signs during the drilling of the well. Anadarko is a 25 percent partner in the Macondo well and ordinarily would be responsible for a quarter of all cleanup and damage costs.

Anadarko's chief executive, Jim Hackett, believes BP's behavior and actions represent gross negligence or willful misconduct and thus affect the obligations of the parties under the operating agreement. Anadarko will donate to charity and civic groups any proceeds it receives from the sale of oil collected during the cleanup.

BP strongly disagrees with Hackett's allegations. Tony "I want to get back to my life" Hayward, the most controversial figure in the BP leadership, will no longer be in charge of the company's gulf response, according to BP board chairman Carl-Henric "We care about the small people" Svanberg. (Wash Post, 6/19/2010)